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Signal Change

Branding | Packaging | Product | 3D


Direction, Concept, Graphic Design: Ana Gwyn Wilson
3D Models, Animation:
Anna Vallario

SFX: Anna Vallario
Music: Louie Zong

Signal Change is a line of guitar/bass effects pedals focused on bringing awareness to and supporting various causes. Each type of effect will relate to a cause, charity, or foundation, with a percentage of sales going towards that cause. The design of each pedal will also relate to the cause, while maintaining a consistent brand style. The goal of this project is to spread awareness and work towards making positive changes in our world, by funneling that change through something musicians already love: new gear. 


The use of single line drawings within the branding conveys feelings of connection, while referencing cables as well as the connections between people. The logo also features a hand drawn rough quality, which further conveys the importance of human connection. Going with the handmade feeling of the logotype, each pedal features hand drawn type with simple graphic accents. 

I created 3D models and a promotional video for this collaboration. We collectively decided the best pedal shapes to include, placement for the graphics, and further development into the personalities of each pedal. 

I designed worlds to personify the effects of the pedals, starting with the Phaser pedal and a desert with extra-terrestrial friends.👽

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