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CoMotion 2020

Event branding & planning


MOMELove officers 2019-2020

SCAD Motion Media Department

Creative Director: Jose Peña

Graphic Design Lead: Anna Yang

Design & Animation: Krysta Coates, Katherine Monday, Anna Vallario

CoMotion is a student-led motion design conference that the MOMELove club produces each year. We invite industry professionals to meet our students, appear on panels revolving around motion design, and have fun in Savannah for a weekend.

For CoMotion 2020, I created promotional and informational posters, laser-engraved acrylic trophies, Instagram posts, and published giphy stickers for the event as part of the graphic design team. As MOMELove's treasurer, I helped with the production and logistics of the event. Our student team of 10 was responsible for reserving spaces, writing panel questions, email coordination with companies, scheduling hundreds of portfolio reviews, and assembling a student showcase.

CoMotion 2021

Event planning


SCAD Motion Media Department

Co-Presidents: Krysta Coates, Anna Vallario

Vice President: Carly Johnson

Broadcast Director/Officer: Coulter DeSimone

MOMELove Officers 2020-2021

In 2021, we decided to host the event completely virtually for the first time in its 12 year history. Alongside my Co-President Krysta Coates, I lead my team of student officers through logistical planning to coordinate over 50 companies and 200 students.

Our team aimed to preserve the core elements of the original event in this new, online space. We continued to host hundreds of portfolio reviews, panels with industry guests, and manage our branding team as they produced deliverables more specific to a strictly online event. Coulter DeSimone was integral to this process, helming a huge part of researching and hosting our broadcasts over the 3-day event.

CoMotion 2021's panels, student showcase, and title sequence are available for viewing here!

Being part of MOMELove at SCAD was genuinely one of the greatest honors of my education - thank you to every student in the past decade who built this community and connected each of us.💖