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Brutal Music Video

GFX for Olivia Rodrigo x Apple's "Brutal" video


Design & Animation: Scholar

Creative Director: Will Johnson

Art Director: Danni Fisher-Shin

Managing Director / Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy

Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

Producer: Sarah S Laborde

Director: Petra Collins

Designers: Madison Ellis, Madison Kelly, Danni Fisher Shin, Anna Vallario, Maggie Chiang

2D Animators: Madison Kelly, Oliver Wee

Cel Animator: Madison Ellis,  Madison Kelly, Griffin Giersch, Nicky Francis, Oliver Wee

Compositing Supervisor: Matt Lavoy

Compositors: Matt Lavoy, Jeff Dragon, Cris Kong, Michael Loney

Scholar was tasked with exploring the dramatic, fun, aesthetic, emotional, and angsty vibes of Olivia Rodrigo's songwriting, and Petra Collins' directing. 

This project was incredibly unique in its process - a completely new pipeline: designers and animators used iPad's Procreate application to design and animate the GFX featured in the music video, before compositing. In particular, we utilized the Face Paint feature to map out each brushstroke and motion in reference to our own facial geometry.

Below are just a few of my favorite designs of dozens that I created - we took a ton of directions before honing in on the final direction.

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